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बुधवार, 25 दिसंबर 2019

Happy Merry Christmas 2019

  Merry Christmas 2019: Here’s how people are celebrating the festive season in India

New Delhi: Christmas is a festival of love, compassion and faith. The whole world celebrates this festival on 25 December. On this day people sing in joy, hug and congratulate each other. We feast and remember the Lord Jesus Christ, a symbol of compassion and mercy. They try to follow their stated path. You can also congratulate your friends, relatives and acquaintances on this day, with

Merry Christmas 2019

these wishes.
No sending card
No sending flowers
Just you with my heart
Christmas 2019 and new year
Sending greetings
Whatever dreams are in your eyes
Whatever desires are hidden in the heart
May this Christmas 2019 festival make them come true
At Christmas, we wish you the same!
merry Christmas 2019 

 came to light
Open the lock of luck
Always be kind to you
This is what your lover wants!

Christmas came Christmas 2019 came,
Children are enticed.
Santa Claus will come, bring new toys
Santa Claus gave voice, Come Annie,
Come Penny, Come Johnny, Come John,
This is a day of remembrance of Jesus,
It's a children's day of love
Love in everyone's heart
Happy Merry Christmas 2019
Every day brings a festival of happiness
With this hope, forget all the sorrows
We all welcome Christmas

 happy Christmas 2019 festival has come
Let's celebrate this time fiercely
Give you a lot of congratulations
Finish all the battle today

What should I ask for God for you
May your life's path always be filled with happiness
Laughter be on your face like this
The way fragrance plays with the flower
Happy merry Christmas 2019 To You…

Here comes the fun
Ask what you want gift
Santa claus will only give them
Who will be treated

If you do not remember you will not be able to forget
I will not be able to erase you
Once you meet my sorrow
You won't be able to smile all your life
Merry Christmas 2019 to you…

Happy christmas 2019happy life
Life is your brightest
First wish you
My message has come to First Flight

Happy Merry Christmas 2019 


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